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Spring Fair 2012
NHPR 9/12
Fall Fair 2013
Fall Fair 2012

Our office hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10-2

Please feel free to come and visit the animals in the barnyard, from 9AM-4PM. 
Please be cautious of the large animals and PLEASE DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS.
Thank you
Taylor McNelly of Manchester wears her Tom Brady jersey while showing
off the Rob Gronkowski signed football she won in our Super Bowl raffle.
Congratulations, Taylor, and thank you to the McNelly family for
supporting the farm!
If you would like to join the McNelly family in supporting the farm,
please donate to our Valentine's Day "Peck a 'paca" fundraiser at If we raise $5,000, WMUR-TV anchor Amy
Coveno will kiss one of our alpacas! Please make a contribution today
and share the page with your friends to help keep the region's only
non-profit teaching farm going.

Congratulations Taylor McNelly!!