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Spring Fair 2012
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Fall Fair 2012
After the most successful fund-raising year in our history, we have a contract to repair the landmark red barn on Joppa Hill Road. We are happy to announce that because so many families, business leaders and civic-minded individuals in Bedford and beyond, we are able to bring the barn back for agricultural use. The work is scheduled to start this month.
Although we did raise enough money to repair the barn, our contractor has advised us that bringing the barn to the standard for classroom use was not cost-effective. So when you come to visit the farm, please be advised that the barn is for animals, staff members and volunteers only for the time being. We intend a separate fund-raising campaign to add classroom space, but that will come in due time.

Our office hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10-2

Please feel free to come and visit the animals in the barnyard, from sun-up to sun-down.  Please be cautious of the large animals and please don't feed the animals.
Thank you